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Nov 1, 2012 8:00pm EDT
representative. this is a half-hour. postcode let me introduce you to john prible, vice president of the independent insurance agents and brokers of america. our topic is the national insurance program. mr. purple, this article was in "the wall street journal" yesterday ensures market bubble tab. what's the responsibility when it comes to recovering from sandy? >> guest: sure, that article and a hand like really captures exactly what is going on. so when a typical insurance event for a hurricane, there's going to be damage caused by wind, wind storm damage, fallen trees. you see in the news media there's going to be fires or natural gas lines. all of this damage will be covered are your typical homeowner's insurance policy that is covered by the private insurance, so you're going to contact if you have a claim camile contact your insurance company. they're going to cover it with your limits and deductibles and it's going to be private policy. any damage caused by flooding is covered only if you have a flood insurance policy to the national flood insurance program. that is the publ
Nov 2, 2012 8:00pm EDT
. that's followed by montana senator john tester against republican congressman denny rehberg, and later, arizona congressman flake facing rich carmona. watch the election results tuesday nights and key contests in the house, senate, and governors' races on c-span. tonight here on c-span2, penn state president erikson speaking at the national press club followed by a u.s. house debate from new york, and, later, a debate on issues that matter to young voters in this year's presidential election. >>> next, penn state university president speaks about the future of his university, and he'll also answer questions about the on going child sex abuse investigation and the former charges against former university president. this is about an hour. >> it's a picture-perfect college town nestled amid the central hills of central pennsylvania. an enormously popular university boasts the largest alumni association in the country, but things were anything but happy when our guest assumed the presidency of penn state last november. the school reeling from a child sex abuse scandal involving long time p
Oct 26, 2012 8:00pm EDT
want to thank john buckman and the gw law community for giving me the opportunity to speak and be on this panel of members with the point of view. hopefully it will be an educational few minutes for you. to figure out whether the dodd-frank act went too far worse just about right, you have to start with an understanding of where the dodd-frank act is. while much is still speculation, there's enough substance that are deep inside in the act but it's useful to begin a discussion about the efficacy of the basic tenant of the dodd-frank act. so beginning in the summer of 2008, through the enactment of the dodd-frank act, during and following the worst financial crisis since the 1930s, the federal reserve and the other financial regulators asked congress for three types of tools to address them to the extent possible, send out incidents that would threaten or harm financial stability. first, we ask for authority to take stability of the financial system into account in the supervision of financial firm and beyond the tradition of safety and soundness of individual firms. second,
Oct 29, 2012 8:30pm EDT
and follow up. so regardless of whether the congressman's republican party and john boehner remain in control or democrats take control of the house, i'm committed to ensuring we have the best people in our office responding to the needs of our constituents. in terms of working with the other side of the aisle, the last two years we have seen, getting nothing done in congress, that we will learn from that when we begin a new session in january. from my part, having spent most of my career in nonpartisan public service, not seeing republican or democrat, i believe i have the experience and the temperment to ensure i can reach across the aisle. is a said at the outset, we're we have a sharp campaign because i care about the values of the region. you haven't heard me say anything negative about the congressman personally. it's very important to say you have differences but not personalize them. and that's the attitude i'll bring to service in congress. >> congressman gibson? >> julian is right on constituent services, regardless what party you're in. we serve, republicans, democrats, independent
Oct 30, 2012 8:00pm EDT
, michael little item john, and you've heard from carlo. and it's very hard to moderate because all i want to do is tweet. but i will try to restrain myself. [laughter] um, i wanted to start with a question that really builds off of carlo's presentation. this conversation about technology in cities can be a very broad conversation because we're talking about efficiency and how we manage congestion and how we lower energies. we're talking about the integration of data within the public sector, within the private sector and the combination. we're talking about participation with social media, coproduction of solution. my sense and, um, again, dave mentioned this, is the united states isn't quite at the vanguard of this. you know, when i think about congestion pricing, i think about singapore. you brought up copenhagen with regard or to many of the issues. i want to start with the ibm and cisco perspective of the world, maybe michael. where do you see progress within sectors, and where do you see progress within cities, and where is the u.s.? >> so, bruce, the good news is that there is treme
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5